Sample project milestones

Mr. X participated in a contest for $50,000 in cash.

  • Mr. X purchases services for $100 to test the results of our promotion service.
  • Mr. X sees an increase in his voting totals in 48 hours and decides to buy more promotion in multiples of $500.
  • Mr. X wins. Total votes - 200,000, Cost per vote - $0.05.


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A little about who we are, what we do as an agency.

Buy Online Votes is a professional marketing firm for online voting contests. With our extensively skilled team and offline and online network, we are able to help you customize and handle your entire online voting promotion campaign to ensure success.

Our 100% successful track records speak volumes of our ability and experience in helping our clients win any type of competition that involves public voting. We are so confident of our services that we offer an iron clad no question asked refund policy if we fail to help you win.

Online voting contests have become a very popular method used by companies and organizations to create promotional awareness and reward customers. Prizes and money offered on some of such contests run into several thousands of dollars. While voting contests may differ slightly in rules and structure, they all involve soliciting for as much votes as possible with the winner being the person with the most votes at the end. At Buy Online Votes, our commitment to you is to ensure that we help you get as much votes as is needed to win the competition.

We are so proud of our refund policy as it offers the best value for our clients as they pay us only for a successful campaign and this is a win-win. Our pricing is also very fair and nominal. This is possible for us because we are located in India and hence enjoy cheap human resources.

A little about the services we provide and why you should choose us.

Our services include:

  • Website Voting Promotion
  • Facebook Voting Promotion
  • Email Voting Promotion
  • SMS Voting Promotion

Why Engage Buy Online Votes

To win an online voting contest you will need as much votes as possible. The problem is that you are not the only one competing. Others are also trying to snatch the prize. To win some of these competitions you may need to rack as many as 200,000 votes. Getting the needed votes will involve a lot of your time and energy. Convincing people to vote for you can be a bit hectic, especially considering the fact that sometimes they have to take some minutes to first answer a brief survey or complete a form. Worst of all it is frustrating if at the end you do not win. You would have wasted all the time and energy for nothing.

With Buy Online Votes, failure is hardly a possibility. We know what is needed and where to turn to reach out to people and get the needed votes. We are so confident of our ability that we even offer an iron clad no questions asked refund policy if we fail to help you win. Lastly, PayPal is our preferred payment option, hence you can always feel secure in dealing with us.

Our Resources, Pricing and Privacy Policy.

Here is a brief summary of our resources

  • Extensive email lists with thousands of contacts
  • Facebook accounts with thousands of friends
  • Twitter accounts with an extensive amount of followers running into thousands
  • Several accounts and good credibility on various other social websites and forums
  • Extensive knowledge of online voting competitions and how to win them
  • Extensive knowledge and plenty of incentives to get people voting for you repeatedly
  • Experience and a proven track record of helping people win voting competitions.


Our pricing policy is very moderate and competitive. Each voting competition is quite unique from the other and thus our prices may vary from one campaign to another. If you are interested in finding out the cost of your campaign, Please contact us to get a free quote.


We strictly do not share our client information with any other party and do not publish / show case it in any form in our website. Reviews will use first names after seeking permission.